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Advanced Process Management and Operations Optimization

ByteQX is a modular and scalable software for managing testing laboratories and Measurement and Testing Systems.

With ByteQX, you can digitize the processes of calibration and management of measurement tools, choosing the modules that best suit your needs, such as CMS, CMMS, LIMS, DMS, and others.

Our goal is to provide a reliable and innovative tool to optimize the operations of your testing laboratory, bringing your operations and data to the cloud in a simple and effective way.

Asset management and CMMS/EAM maintenance.


ByteMAN: The EAM/CMMS module for Long-lasting Assets, Enhanced Safety, and Optimal Performance.

ByteMAN is an advanced EAM/CMMS solution that is redefining asset management and maintenance. It enhances productivity through smart optimization, extends the life of assets with advanced preventive strategies and ensures maximum operational safety. ByteMAN combines Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) with the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) in an integrated modular system. Through advanced digitization of business operations, ByteMAN offers complete control and exceptional asset visibility, allowing for informed decisions. Cut machine downtime through preventive maintenance planning, reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity with efficient, automated processes. Optimize resources, prevent failures and promote energy efficiency with a comprehensive system that covers every aspect of asset management. ByteMAN not only optimizes current operations but also lays the foundation for a successful future through reliable data and advanced maintenance strategies. Simplify asset management, innovate your maintenance practices and achieve levels of operational excellence with ByteMAN. Your path to long-lasting assets, enhanced safety and optimal performance starts here.



"ByteGS: Simplification and Efficiency in Instruments and Calibration Management."

ByteGS is a powerful module integrated within ByteQX. It provides detailed management of calibrations, expiration dates, and scheduled maintenance. ByteGS integrates seamlessly with ByteMAN to provide comprehensive control of tools as an essential part of company assets. Experience complete control with the Control Plan by creating custom calibration and control models. Internal Calibrations allow for comparison with samples or primary tools, recording measurements, calculating errors, deviations, and extended uncertainties. Calibration certificates from external labs can be recorded, ensuring traceability and compliance. Trust in automation: traceability is guaranteed through an automatic event log, and quick access to key data via QR code. Collaboration with laboratories and integrators further enriches functionality, providing benefits in terms of both performance and inspiration for users. Optimize operations, improve traceability, and inspire efficiency with ByteGS. This cutting-edge solution is also available in SaaS version, guiding you towards a new standard of measuring equipment management and calibration.

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Why choose Byteqx?

Integrated and Modular SaaS Environment.

Customize resources and services to maximize company efficiency with ByteQX's modularity, adapting them to your needs.

Custom On-Premise Solution

We offer an ideal On-Premise option for sectors such as pharmaceuticals, allowing for complete customizations and saving on verification.

Advanced Instruments Management

Manage Instruments as special assets through ByteGS, while ByteMAN supports you with targeted plans for maintenance and inspections.

Specialized Integration.

The integration of highly specialized modules ensures a smooth and efficient user experience.

Availability and Dematerialization

With access from any device and integration, as well as interconnection with other applications, it reduces the need, improving the process of dematerialization of documents.

Design and development services

Development on demand, integrations and customizations thanks to our team of experienced developers.


We solve your needs with genuine human support, setting ourselves apart from automated services and ensuring an authentic relationship.

Integrated Collaboration

Simplify collaboration with dedicated spaces for external companies, reducing communication time and costs.

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